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Discover ways you can deliver better outcomes and solutions by ensuring patient centricity in your wo​rk

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Gaining patient insights into your innovation through a diverse and inclusive patient engagement programme can improve your product design as well as deliver better outcomes for patients. Patients also enable you to gain evidence that is important to regulators and HTA bodies as well as to improve clinical trial design, recruitment, and retention

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Past commissions

Please find below two examples of reports with thanks to CellCentric and Novartis for kindly enabling this information to be shared and to our patient community.
If you would be interested in commissioning a piece of work with our patient community, please complete the form.

Lived experience of prostate cancer

In 2020 CellCentric commissioned Prostate Cancer Research to undertake research to find out more about the experience of patients once diagnosed with prostate cancer

“CellCentric has been able to access valuable insights from patients to assist with planning and managing our clinical trials, as well as our broader product development activities. With patients being at the heart of what we do, we greatly appreciate the engagement provided through Prostate Cancer Research in helping us to connect with and learn from patients.”

CellCentric’s CEO, Dr Will West, podcast talking about epigenetics, clinical trials and the value of patient insights. Link to podcast of Will talking of his experience –

Living with Prostate Cancer

In August 2020 Prostate Cancer Research commissioned a report to generate key insights into living with prostate cancer.

"I feel that each day, I am waking up with an explosive belt tied around my body which could detonate at any time."

Our Patient Engagement Team

Peter Harrison
Head Of Partnerships
Dr Sara Nelson
Health Information Executive
David James
Head of Patient Projects at PCR
Jayne Spink