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Proven Connects a community interested in changing how prostate cancer is treated by providing a platform to share learning, agree actionable recommendations and build relationships to deliver change.

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2022 Community of interest theme

Our 2022 Community of Interest theme focuses on health data and the future of prostate cancer innovation.

PCR is currently exploring the value of developing a PC data platform that would enable the linkage of longitudinal data collected through a participatory patient registry with data and samples gathered in clinical and research settings.

We are undertaking a short series of workshops and roundtables to enable the development of a value proposition of a PC platform (February – April). The outputs of the workshops will form the basis of a comprehensive report with actionable recommendations aimed at improving the translational ecosystem.

Professor Rakesh Heer PhD FRCS(Urol)

Proven Connect aims to catalyse and support the development of prostate cancer innovations across conventional silos in order to showcase and create opportunities for funders, investors, academics, companies, and patients.

I am often frustrated with the lack of connectivity between academics, industry, government and clinicians working in prostate cancer. I delighted that Proven Connect is trying to change this

Dr Rakesh Heer