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Making it easier to connect companies working in prostate cancer to potential collaborators and services

Proven Connect is helping biotechs, life science organizations, and the wider eco-system to efficiently collaborate as well as highlighting key services for developing biotech businesses.

Frazier & Deeter Support
Frazier & Deeter, a UK and US accounting firm specialising in early stage Lifescience and Biotech companies, has agreed to provide an initial complimentary Tax and Accounting support meeting to companies in the Proven Connect Network.
A pool of experts interested in collaborating with industry
Helping biotechs connect to academics and clinicians
AstraZeneca Mentorship
AstraZeneca has agreed to make their Mentoring Programme available to suitable companies in the Proven Connect Network.
Interest in biomarkers for LFT (SWIFTDX)
SwiftDx is looking for companies developing biomarkers for prostate cancer
Interest in collaborating on prostate cancer data
Jiva ai is interested in collaborating in purchasing prostate cancer data