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Connecting academics & industry

An increasing number of companies are seeking to connect to academics and clinicians in specialist areas of prostate cancer research. However, these companies report that they struggle to find the right researchers & clinicians who:

  • Have the specialist knowledge and expertise for their business.
  • Have the resources they require, such as access to mouse models, data or patients.
  • Can commit to the project in terms of time or other factors.

We are seeking to foster collaborations between academic researchers, clinicians and industry that will provide benefits to both parties. Such collaborations can provide huge value in terms of accelerating research, enabling discovery science to reach patients, enhancing the reputation of both parties and potential financial benefits.

Types of Collaborations

  • Providing one-off pro-bono advice
  • Acting as a paid consultant for a defined piece of work or on an ongoing basis
  • Bi-lateral research partnerships
  • Contract work

PCR’s support

How these relationships are managed and structured will depend on the level of experience of both parties, how much funding is available and the level of institutional support on offer.

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