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Frazier & Deeter Support
Frazier & Deeter, a UK and US accounting firm specialising in early stage Lifescience and Biotech companies, has agreed to provide an initial complimentary Tax and Accounting support meeting to companies in the Proven Connect Network.

Business challenges posed by Lifescience and Biotech companies are often complex and require specialist knowledge to resolve, which is where Frazier & Deeter steps in. We offer tax & accounting advice to help clients make the right decisions to benefit their business and its shareholders. Areas we often support clients in include:

  • EIS/SEIS investment relief
  • Employee Equity and Stock Option schemes
  • R&D tax credit reliefs
  • Employment tax support
  • Transaction advisory
  • IP ownership
  • Judgemental accounting areas (eg: funding arrangements, R&D / intangibles, business / asset acquisitions, going concern & accounts preparation / disclosures, GAAP differences (US GAAP, IFRS, UK GAAP))  
  • Financial statement Audit


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