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Working across silo’s to share information, collaborate, and celebrate innovations in prostate cancer

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Proven Connect bridges the gap between industry, investors, health providers and patients.

Born of 30 years experience in prostate cancer research, Proven Connect aims to support the commercialisation of prostate cancer innovations through investment, expertise in academic and translational research and a deep understanding of patient needs.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and as populations around the world age, the incidence of cases will increase. Through increasing funding and support for cutting edge research Proven Connect aims to relieve the burden of the disease for men, their families and wider society. All profits raised through Proven Connect will be invested back into prostate cancer.

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Support investors, from seed funders to late stage VC’s, to back promising new opportunities for investment in prostate cancer.


Discovering ambitious innovators with great products to diagnose and treat prostate cancer in order to help them to succeed.


Connecting those working to improve outcomes for prostate cancer so they can share learning and form new collaborations.