For Innovators

Working with innovators to impact the future of prostate cancer diagnosis and care, blending finance with insights and support.

Criteria for investment


Therapeutic focus

  • We are looking to invest in companies that are working on treatments or diagnostics that are relevant to prostate cancer
  • No limitation on stage of prostate cancer (i.e. not limited to advanced prostate cancer)
  • Ability to fund adjacent issues which are relevant to prostate cancer patients (e.g. pain relief, side effects of prostate cancer treatments)

Geographic focus

  • Proven Connect will consider applications from outside the UK
  • In order to apply for Innovate UK aligned funding you must be UK registered

Nature of investment

  • Majority of investments expected to be equity investments (or convertible notes). Ability to provide non-dilutive grant funding with milestone payments / royalties to be discussed

Investment Size

  • Investment partners include the UKRI Future Economy Investment Partnership with Innovate UK.

Investment stage

  • Pre-seed, seed rounds and series A

Support for portfolio companies

  • Access to expert advice through Translational Research Director (TRD), Translational Scientific Advisory Committee (TSAC), Prostate Cancer Research’s Committee (PCRC’s) network of peer reviewers and Scientific Advisory Committee. Proven’s People
  • Good understanding of prostate cancer ecosystem to identify gaps and competitors
  • Access to patients, either to provide feedback on design of therapeutic / diagnostic, or potential candidates for clinical trial
  • Access to pipeline of academic for collaboration opportunities

*Proven Connect is in discussion regarding the raise of a prostate cancer fund.