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Highlighting a pipeline of investment and partnership opportunities, focused on addressing unmet needs in prostate cancer.

Proven Connect’s highly experienced leadership team and Translational Scientific Advisory Committee carry out rigorous due diligence on all companies that are included in our portfolio.

We ensure companies can demonstrate their commercial viability and technical rigour as well as their ability to meet a significant patient need.

Proven Connects wrap-around programme of support, in terms of mentorship, patient and clinical engagement and business advice, is designed to increase investors confidence  in a companies ability to succeed.

Proven Connect  will source a wide range of companies working in diagnostics, therapeutics and care of patients from our networks with pharma, CRO’s, TTO’s and  other research organisations.

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These companies have satisfied our due diligence
GlycoScoreDx Ltd
GlycoScore will drastically reduce over-diagnosis so that only men with a high risk of prostate cancer need to undergo biopsies. This will improve care for patients and also provide cost savings for health care systems. In addition, GlycoScore will also speed up diagnosis, identify aggressive cancers sooner and potentially save lives.
Unique panel of 3 aberrantly glycosylated proteins relevant to progression​ Glycosylation = carbohydrate-associated post-translational modification...
Lucida Medical
CE-marked medical device to support the analysis of MRI for prostate cancer diagnosis
Lucida Medical develops software based on artificial intelligence methods (machine learning and image processing) to enable radiologists to find ca...
Nanovery is developing nanorobots to diagnose the world's deadliest diseases. Collaborating with renowned academic and clinical partners, giving us access to thousands of patient samples and a proprietary dataset.
Detecting cancer from a blood sample is still too slow Recent advances have enabled early detection of cancers with just a blood sample, but this c...

Proven Connect is looking for impact investors who are seeking new investment opportunities in healthcare that have the clinical and commercial support of experts working in prostate cancer.

I believe this is a tremendously exciting new development in the Cancer space, and in the UK life science ecosystem. The profile of company/projects you are targeting will fall ideally into the remit of many larger VC firms as the portfolio matures. Indeed, I am keen to keep our dialogue active as your projects grows, and we can begin to look to invest in some of the opportunities. This is a wonderful initiative and congratulations in getting it off the ground.

Dr Allan Marchington
Managing Director, Head of Life Sciences, Intermediate Capital Group

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