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Professor Rakesh Heer PhD FRCS(Urol)
Professor Rakesh Heer
Chair of Urology  at Newcastle University

Professor Rakesh Heer PhD FRCS(Urol) - Chair of Urology  - Translational and Clinical Research Institute | Faculty of Medical Sciences | Newcastle University

Rakesh Heer is a Senior Lecturer at Newcastle University and Honorary Consultant in Urological Surgery at The Freeman Hospital. He spends half his week at the university conducting research into prostate and bladder cancer. He qualified at Nottingham University in 1995. He was an MRC Fellow at Newcastle University and was awarded his PhD in 2006. Other awards include a Clinician Scientist Fellowship (Cancer Research UK/RCS (Eng) 2010) and a Hunterian Professorship from the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 2010.

His special interests include general urology (investigation of blood in the urine, recurrent infections, raised PSA or prostate abnormalities, testicular/scrotal conditions, vasectomies, erectile dysfunction, curvature of the penis) and pelvic oncology (bladder and prostate cancer, with a focus on robotic keyhole surgery to remove bladder cancer).