Connecting charities working with the translational ecosystem to identify shared challenges and create impactful solutions

TAR Network is a consortium of over 30 charities working within the field of medical research and healthcare across multiple disease areas. TAR’s objective is to support the acceleration of health innovations to deliver impact for patients sooner.

Explore opportunities with the TAR Network

The TAR Network brings together a community interested in changing how prostate cancer is treated by providing a platform to share learning, agree actionable recommendations and build relationships to deliver change.

Membership of the TAR Network will enable you to:

  • Connect with key stakeholders
  • Participate in latest discussions
  • Learn of funding opportunities
  • Gain insights into innovations in therapeutics and diagnostics

This report is the first output of the TAR (Translating and Accelerating Research) Connect, a collaboration formed of Medical Research Charities that are actively engaging with translational research.

In this report, we examine the nature of translational research and the increasingly significant role played by the third sector and highlight how these charities are not only reshaping the landscape but also forging a brighter, healthier future for countless individuals in doing so.

Professor Rakesh Heer PhD FRCS(Urol)

The TAR Network aims to catalyse and support the development of health innovations across conventional silos in order to showcase and create opportunities for funders, investors, academics, companies, and patients.

I am often frustrated with the lack of connectivity between academics, industry, government and clinicians working across the research arena. I delighted that Proven Connect & the TAR Network is trying to change this.

Dr Rakesh Heer

We welcome all charities working in medical research and health innovation to join as members of TAR.