Terms Of Reference

Terms of Reference: Translating & Accelerating Research (TAR) Connect


The Translating & Accelerating Research (TAR) Connect has been established to form and develop relationships among charities supporting translational research.


The TAR Network will:

  • Identify key objectives for the network and develop a strategy to achieve these.
  • Facilitate opportunities to share learnings, processes and develop expertise including pooling resources to deliver training programs and workshops.
  • Develop formal collaborations between the TAR network and key stakeholders within the ecosystem including, but not limited to; Investors, Accelerators, TTO’s & Universities, Innovation Hubs, Government, and Industry.
  • Promote a greater understanding and recognition of the value charities bring to support health innovations across multiple audiences.
  • Seek resources to sustain and develop the network.
  • Ensure greater representation on forums relating to translational research.
  • Advocate for greater funding for translational research as well as identify potential joint funding programmes.
  • Bring together experienced professionals for mentorship opportunities across charities.


Meeting Arrangements

The TAR Network will normally meet virtually every six weeks to review the activities of the group and to progress activities as started above.

Additional sessions will be held between these dates to meet the objectives of the group. These will include all members or working groups as appropriate.

Confidentiality and conflicts of interest

  • Members will keep all information received and discussed confidential until/unless it is agreed otherwise.
  • The TAR Network will ensure that all activities undertaken are conducted to the highest ethical standards, complies with all relevant regulations and guidelines, and is conducted in an environment which supports the highest standards of research governance.
  • Where members perceive a potential conflict of interest regarding a particular activity or discussion, these should be declared as early as possible.


The membership of the TAR Network includes a broad range of organisations of different sizes and means.

Secretariat will be provided by Proven Connect and the work of the group overseen by a steering committee (Jayne Spink, Louise Wren, Madhu Madhusudan, Helen Compton, Katherine Forbes).

  • Terms of membership are free and available to all registered charities working within the health sector.
  • Membership will be through the organisation as opposed to individuals.
  • Members must agree to treat all correspondence and documents in both electronic and printed format as confidential unless stated otherwise.