The translational research arm of Prostate Cancer Research (PCR)
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Proven Connect

The translational research arm of Prostate Cancer Research (PCR).

Building on 30 years’ experience of prostate cancer research we combine seed funding, scientific expertise, patient voice and commercial experience to partner with companies with the goal to transform prostate cancer pathways.

Our strategy is focused on building a portfolio of promising companies that could impact prostate cancer, co-investing with venture capital funders and impact investors and connecting these companies to the resources and expert support they need to succeed.


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What we do

Delivering innovation to prostate cancer patients through collaboration


"I believe Proven Connect is a tremendously exciting new development in the Cancer space, and in the UK life science ecosystem..."

Dr Allan Marchington
Managing Director, Head of Life Sciences, ICG

Proven Connect is looking for impact investors who are seeking new investment opportunities in healthcare that have the clinical and commercial support of experts working in prostate cancer.


"As a biotech developing a prostate cancer product it is extremely valuable to have the support, expertise and patient insights that Proven Connect are able to provide."

Jerzy (Jurek) Kozyra

If you have a company that has developed an asset in prostate cancer or is planning to do so in the future, we want to do everything we can to help you to succeed.


"I am often frustrated with the lack of connectivity between academics, industry, government and clinicians working in prostate cancer. I delighted that Proven Connect is trying to change this"

Dr Rakesh Heer

ProVen Connects a community interested in changing how prostate cancer is treated by providing a platform to share learning, agree actionable recommendations and build relationships to deliver change.

Proven Connect can help you connect

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